A big Oculus Quest 2 update

by VRPornBaron

Big Oculus Quest 2 Update

Since november 13, Oculus Quest 2 users will be able to update their headset with the v23 patch. This update adds a lot of improvements. Including the 90Hz refresh rate many of us were waiting for. And a ‘Oculus Move’ fitness tracking app.

The 90Hz is great for playing games. It doesn’t really affect the VR porn side of things much though as most VR porn videos are shot at 60 frames per second.
But it still is a very welcome improvement!

It will be a gradual rollout. This means not every Oculus Quest 2 user will get an automatic update notification. This is Facebook’s known way of updating.
However you can manually force the update by doing the following.

Update the Oculus Quest and Quest 2

  1.  Start your headset and open the Quest Menu by pressing the Oculus button on your right controller. Go to the settings.
  2.  On your left side in the settings select “About”. You can find it at the very bottom.
  3.  You will see the text “Software Update” and check if there’s an update available for you.
  4.  Verify the “Version” to see what version you already have installed.
This v23 update will work for both the new Quest 2 and the original Quest. Although not every new option will be available for the older Quest.

90Hz refresh rates

Obviously the most important update is that we’re finally getting 90Hz on our Quest 2!

This is quite the improvement over the previous 72Hz, as you can imagine!

Again, for watching HD VR porn it doesn’t matter much as we’re not watching movies above 60Hz. But there are plenty of other apps and games that will happily use 90Hz.

Which often provides a way smoother experience.

For some people this can even be the difference between being able to use the headset and not. As a low or non-steady frames per second experience can induce nausea!

For the tech-savvy user it was already possible to run the Quest 2 at 90Hz. But now everybody will be able to run it by default. After installing this update.

Lower latency and improved resolution

Facebook mentions that through ‘software enhancements” they reduced latency. What exactly this will mean is unclear to me at the time of writing. We’ll have to wait and see.

The same goes for the ‘improved image resolution’. Apparently this is for the home environment and system UI. And it should add improved crispness and clarity.

Fitness tracking with the Oculus Move!

Hey, we’re liking this!

Believe it it or not, using our right hand is not the only movement
we’re making with our headsets on. And i probably wouldn’t want that
tracked either, now I think of it..

With his new update Facebook is adding a fitness tracking called Oculus
Move. And it will work on both the Oculus Quest 1 and Quest 2!

Upon installation you can add info like your height, weight and sex. This info is used to estimate your calorie burning.
Yeah you’re thinking what i was thinking: Great, even more info for Facebook.

But they claim it will stored locally. And even better, you can completely skip this part!
Take a look at the picture to see what it looks like. It basically give
you a nice overview of your performance that day. Not bad!

Tutorials for the new VR user

Another nice feature for the beginning user might be the new tutorials Facebook will be adding.
It doesn’t matter if you are just into gaming or a big VR porn movies fan. The virtual Reality world can be quite a crazy place.

And some nice tutorials surely could help you out.

Again, we have no idea how good these tutorials will be but I can imagine that Facebook spent some time on it or otherwise it would pointless.

Improvements for the voice commands

Quest users know how awesome voice commands can be. It’s a super quick and easy way to control your VR headset. And to get your favorite VR porn movie from VR Bangers on your screen.

The v23 update adds some enhancements to the voice control.
According to Facebook this means:


This seems like a very nice and welcome update and it shows us that Facebook is very serious about the new Oculus Quest 2 and also keeps supporting the previous generation Quest!
Looking forward to what they will come up in the next update!

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