Kiiroo Onyx and Kiiroo Pearl – A mini review

by VRPornBaron

Long distance relationship or just want to spice-up your sex life?
Remote sex with your lover or sex partner, the Kiiroo Onyx + Pearl 2 make it possible. The package has a dildo and a masturbator that can be linked together. They can also be linked to other toys from Kiiroo. This linking goes through a special and secure platform of Kiiroo itself. The beauty of this is that you can also connect platforms such as Skype and Facetime.
The Kiiroo Onyx consists of the Onyx for men and the Pearl for women.

Kirroo® Onyx+™, a sex toy for men

The Kirroo Onyx is the sex toy for men. This is a tube where 10 pulsating rings are placed inside. vrpornbaron sextoys kiiroo 3These rings create undulating and flowing movements so that when you use the Onyx you feel like you are really having sex with your partner.

An additional advantage of the Onyx is that you can use it not only with a sex partner, but you can also connect it to a VR porn movie and to VR live cam shows. The accompanying control program is easy to install.
The Onyx is also really simple to clean. You can remove the sleeve from the Onyx and wash it off.

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The Onyx Masturbator

If you want to use the device you must first charge it. When the device is completely empty this takes about 5 hours. At the moment that the charging is finished, the charging light will go out. After this you turn on the Bluetooth on your computer and turn on the Onyx by clicking on the base button.
When it is on, the Bluetooth partner mode is automatically turned on and you can receive the signal from your partner or VR porn movie.

You and your partner can now exchange a code with each other and remote sex is a reality. Keep in mind that the Kirroo Onyx device itself is not water resistant.

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Kirroo® Pearl2™, for the pleasure of women

The Kirroo Pearl is a remote dildo vibrator and this part is therefore intended for women. There are 5 touch sensitive technology rings around this vibrator. These rings transmit the feeling of the vrpornbaron sextoys kiiroo 2woman's touches to the computer, allowing her sex partner to perceive this feeling through the Onyx.

It is also possible to connect multiple devices to the Pearl simultaneously. Thus, a woman can satisfy several men at the same time. She can satisfy the Pearl with her hands, mouth or vagina. This new technology allows her to jerk off, suck or fuck her partner from a distance!

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If you want to use the Pearl, you must first charge it. If the battery of the Pearl is completely empty then this takes about 2 hours. After charging you turn on Bluetooth on your computer and turn the device on by pressing the button on the base. You open the Kirroo platform, exchange codes with your partner and remote sex can begin. If you also want to use the vibration then press the on and off button again.

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Kiiroo Onyx+ and VR

Fortunately, you do not always have to have a sex partner to use the Kiiroo Onyx. In fact, it is also possible to connect the device to VR sex videos. Especially if you do this with virtual reality sex movies it's just like having real sex with the porn actress in question. For example, you can watch all movies from VirtualRealPorn with your Onyx.


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